Licensing and usage of our photos

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We currently have photos licensed for use in corporate art, on websites, woven products, bookmarks, and lots of printed material.

Please contact us for licensing/usage rights.  We are always open to hearing your ideas for sharing our designs. 

If you don't see that perfect photo posted in our galleries, email us your ideas, we have lots of additional photos in our archives.
You may have to use the "back" button while viewing the following examples -   

Fun rendition of a popular photo     our photo on client Christmas Card     Our landmark photography used for client custom card     Client Bookmark featuring our photo     Multiple view of area landmark

our photo on client Christmas card     Client custom note card featuring our photo     Client licenses photo for corporate use and also features on custom note cards     Popular downtown night spot


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All photos and designs are the property of Dawn Haney Design, LLC and may not be used in any publication,
written or electronic without permission from the designer or photographer. 
Contact us if questions.

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